Global Allliances

about us

"Where business means growth and growth means new opportunities"

We are an International franchise development firm based out of Gurgaon , India. What makes us stand out from any other franchise firm is our commitment to building long term relationships. We don't just build businesses , we build relationships for a lifetime . We offer a personalized consultancy experience with clients having dedicated consultants working for them from start to finish . We don't boast of being the biggest but what we provide in terms of services is nothing short of the BEST.

We have exclusive brand tie ups with the Beautiful Brands and Dolce Group in the United States of America and represent their brands exclusively in India . Between the two groups we offer seventeen fantastic brands with unmatched appeal and potential for an India wide market.

With our exclusive brands and a passionate group of people , Global alliances is here to change the face of International Brand Franchising in India.


We at Global Alliances have our customers as the centre of everything we do. We provide unmatched Franchise Development expertise to both our brands and the Franchise. Coupled with our in depth Consultancy Services, we are dedicated to going every extra mile to make sure we deliver the best.

Be it Business Development or our Corporate advisory services, we believe in consistency of actions, values, principles, expectations and outcomes. We stand by a very strict set of business ethics which are a pillar our foundation.

We believe in quality as a yard stick to measure all that we do and hence it is never ever compromised on. We believe every day is an opportunity to innovate and to do the task at hand in the best possible way. We help bridge people to new concepts and concepts to people.